For printing stickers (printing on stickers) or use some types of printing (offset, silk screen) or printers for printing stickers. Stickers – stickers) – extremely popular printing products of small form. From a linguistic point of view, “sticker” and “sticker” – identical concepts, in practice, often their use is somewhat different.

They are made by means of operative printing or silk-screen printing mainly on a self-adhesive basis. The main material for making stickers is paper of different densities and grades, at least-film or plastic. The choice of film is often due to special operating conditions, such as high humidity, high temperature, etc. Stickers for printing on the printer (printer for printing stickers) can be a hologram, label, sticker, application, label.

Stickers are divided into: dated-stickers for goods with limited shelf life/warranty time. As a rule, the dated sticker is applied to the series / batch number of the product, other information, space is left for the application of the release date (sales date, date of termination of warranty service). warranty – are used for sealing the packaging, the body of the products under warranty (for example, PC system units).

They are made on self-destructing or special sealing paper. The main feature of such stickers is the violation of integrity when trying to peel off. identification-serve as marking of products with identification by bar codes or numbers. Information is read by special devices and converted into digital form. inventory – similar to identification, serve to facilitate the inventory of goods.

Stickers types

Stickers can be divided into simple labels (usually label printing is produced in small editions in the “normal” printing, glued by hand) and self-adhesive labels (usually print large quantities in a specialized printing press, the sticking process is automated, manufactured in rolls). Labels are printed by laser, inkjet printers on self-adhesive film Retrama (similar to “Oracle”) or self-adhesive paper with an opaque / transparent base, on holographic film. Warranty stickers are made on self-destructing paper / film (printing stickers on film).

Silkscreen printing is usually done in one to four colors. For the production of large-format stickers used polypropylene self-adhesive film and vinyl Water Resistant Removable from KODAK, other materials. Additional lamination is possible to increase wear resistance. With the help of digital printing and plotter (creasing, tablet cutting), you can get stickers as “traditional” rectangular shape, and more arbitrary-circular, oval, teardrop, in the form of footprints, crystals, snowflakes and so on. Printing of stickers in small editions is more expedient to produce by digital printing, large runs-offset printing.

Large-format stickers

Printing large-format stickers (sizes exceeding A3-320×450) is made by special large-format printers. Scope and types of stickers The above-mentioned stickers are for marking goods in order to inform buyers, facilitate inventory and sales of products.

  • Car stickers (advertising, information).
  • Gift stickers for souvenir or exclusive products, gift packaging.
  • Stickers on envelopes – are used to unify the design of envelopes in the corporate style, used, for example, in direct mail.
  • Stickers-signs, stickers for decoration of shop Windows, exhibition stands.
  • Branded stickers-are made with the application of corporate symbols (logo, slogan).

The cost of printing and production time of stickers depend on the size and shape of products, materials used, circulation, number of colors. When developing the design of the advertising sticker, the corporate style of the customer company, the goals of the PR campaign, the preferences of the target audience (potential buyers of goods/customers of services) are taken into account.

A sample of the sticker is considered by the customer and only with his approval, the stickers are printed. Self-adhesive label is made for personal and non-commercial use. You can order attractive stickers for cars, “cool” stickers for gifts to friends and Souvenirs.

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