The best laser black-and-white printers for the home Laser printer is ideal when you need to print large volumes of black-and-white documents. In terms of quality of photo printing, these printers are much inferior to inkjet printers, but for printing permanent reports, term papers and other large-scale works, this printer is more profitable.

Prices of inkjet and laser printers are difficult to compare due to different purposes and functionality, but the user should choose whether to buy expensive toner cartridges (for a laser printer) or refill ink (for an inkjet model). Devices with laser printing technology provide a very low cost of printed pages, convenient when you can refuel the toner (which is not possible for all models!).

The laser printer works like this: the heated magnetic polymer contained inside the laser printer cartridge is distributed along the magnetic shaft. This toner serves as a printing powder. Prints are formed using a laser, a photoconductor, and a transfer tape. A laser printer, compared to an inkjet printer, has a very high print speed. Documents printed on a laser printer are stored for a long time, do not burn out, and are not afraid of water.

How to choose a laser black-and-white printer for your home?

  1. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a laser black-and-white printer for your home? As mentioned above, the printing speed of a laser printer is several times higher than that of an inkjet printer. If the jet produces from 10 to z0 pages per minute, the speed of the laser is from 15 to 60 pages per minute. The speed of a budget laser printer for the home, on average, is 20 pages./min Note that the greater speed will provide the more expensive models.
  2. A laser printer cannot boast of a very high print resolution. This is his weak point. The standard resolution is 600×600 dpi. Pay attention to models with interpolation function, which can increase the image resolution for printing up to 1200×1200 dpi.
  3. One of the main points when choosing a laser model is toner resources. The manufacturer must specify this parameter in the technical description of the product. One toner resource without refilling should be about 1200 pages. The maximum toner life of a black-and-white laser printer can reach 2000-2500 pages. As a rule, the toner resource of a black-and-white printer is higher than that of its color inkjet counterpart.
  4. Choosing a printer, check and convenient interfaces: wired: ports COM and USB port; options cable connection to PC over local network (LAN); wireless: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi note Wi-Fi + AirPrint, Google CloudPrint: wireless connection of the printer to the router printing co, smartphone, iPhone, c cloud-based file storage.
  5. Formats for printing: the main standard, of course, is A4 (210 × 297 mm). A laser printer can print on envelopes and labels, but the quality of photo printing (photos) is not important. Of course, if you generally accept black-and-white (and a lot of grayscales) images.
  6. In order for all the functionality of your printer to work well, it actually supports the stated programs and interfaces without unnecessary fuss with drivers, and at a good speed, the processor frequency and its RAM should be from z0 to 150 MB and from 250 to 600 MHz, respectively. At the same time, the higher these indicators, the more functionality you will get.
  7. The usability of the printer in practice often is not so many ergonomic buttons as in reliable fastening of a cover and trays for filing and issue of the paper, the capacity of trays, receiver page. A nice design doesn’t always mean ergonomics – don’t forget that.

Best laser black and white printers for home

Xerox Phaser Z020BI printer

The printer is inexpensive and easy to manage, for periodic home use. It has good functionality and a fast 600 MHz processor with 128 MB of RAM. With Wi-Fi Direct, you can send files to print from your smartphone. The printer prints text pages at a high speed of 20 pages./minute. Graphics and images are much slower. The maximum density of the received paper is small, and is: 16Z g / sq. m. Feature: capturing a large number of sheets can be problematic (twisted). The solution is to raise and lower the lid.

Samsung Xpress m2020w printer

High-quality from cheap. Here the above-described printer has a narrower functionality, but also more practicality. A complete cartridge has a small resource (500 pages), but when you buy a new cartridge, you double the resource. Capable of printing 20 pages/min. Samsung ReCP technology with image interpolation function increases the resolution to 1200×1200 dpi. Prints on paper with a density of 60-16Z g / sq. m. Quickly connects to the Wi-Fi network using the WPS button (after installing the proprietary SOFTWARE). The modern NFC module allows you to send documents from your smartphone for printing. The manufacturer notes the presence of the EAS Eco Driver, which is installed to save up to 20 percent of the toner. This printer is suitable for those who do not print very much. Enough for printing e-tickets, documents, school assignments. Feature: Support for NFC technology. The SamsungUniversalPrintDriver program solves issues with “suspensions” and disappearing from the computer’s field of view.

Printer Canon i-SENSYS LBP60З0B

A relatively expensive device designed to print at a resolution of 600 × 600 to 2400×600 pixels. Print quality and good performance are the advantages of the model. The printer comes out of sleep mode in 8-10 seconds, and prints well on A4 sheets, films, envelopes, and cards. The average speed is 18 pages/minute. The proprietary Automatic Image Refinement technology is used to improve the image. In operating mode, it consumes ZZ0 W, in sleeping mode – only 1.8 W. Users also note the quiet operation of the device (noise level 49.2 dB). Original cartridges last a long time (1600 pages) and have cleaning elements. Interfaces: USB 2.0. Wireless connection is not supported. Feature: when printing from pdf, the “Select paper source by PDF page size” option should be selected in the HE settings.

Printer Ricoh SP 220Nw

Low-cost model, liked by customers for the ability to disable the cartridge lock chip: so z0% increases the resource. While the complete cartridge has a resource of 700 prints, you can later purchase the Ricoh SP 201E or SP 201HE for 1000 and 2600 points, respectively. Print speed: 2Z pages/minute. High-quality printing, convenient connections, if you are not too lazy to configure the SOFTWARE. It is possible to connect via USB or wireless connection. As a bonus, the manufacturer offers an economical ECO mode (economical printing). To fully expand the functionality of the device, install the Ricoh Connector program. Making it easier to manage your phone or laptop: after installing the proprietary app, connect the printer using the NFC tag from the printed (from SOM) QR code or by entering IP addresses.

Printer Brother HL-L2З40DWR

Automatic two-sided printing is one of the main advantages of this printer. The Brother HL-L2Z40DWR can even print photos since the resolution is up to 2400×600. The printer starts up in 8.5 seconds. The cost of the print is quite low, considering that one branded cartridge is designed for 1200 pages. The complete cartridge has a smaller resource (700 pages). After filling the feed tray, you can not think about “refueling” the paper for a long time, since it holds 250 sheets. The presence of Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 interfaces allow the user to choose a convenient connection. The LCD display is the highlight of the model. The printer is made qualitatively and collected a minimum of complaints. Features: separate drum and cartridge; GDI print language; LCD screen. For printing settings from Android devices: install the Brother Print Service Plugin from Google Play.

It is time, to sum up, the results

Considered laser printers for monochrome printing are recommended for home use. In this case, their resources will be sufficient for good work. The complexity of settings for some models is compensated by the ease of maintenance and print quality. The article presents only proven and reliable models, software FOR which you can download software from branded sites and not worry about a long search for consumables.

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