The best manufacturers

According to the number of views and sales, we have compiled a rating of the most popular manufacturers. The results of monitoring the Ukrainian market show that the products of companies are in the highest demand today:

NameRatingPrice rangeRating of products
1Canon 69.6%47 – 1586 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 16 votes
2 Epson 20%87 – 1905 ★ ★ ★ ★ 14 votes
3 HP 10%7 – 4911 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 10 votes
4 Brother 0.4%59 – 1026 ★ ★ ★ ★ 9 votes
5 Xerox 0.1%58 – 6111 ★ ★ ★ 6 votes

Best printers with Wi-Fi

LaserJet Pro M227fdw with Wi-Fi (G3Q75A)

Form factor:stationary
1200 x 1200 dpi
monochrome –28 pages per minute
600 x 600 dpi, tablet, 1200 dpi
Tray capacity:250 pages
LaserJet Pro M227fdw with Wi-Fi review.

Reviews of LaserJet Pro M227fdw Wi-Fi


The HP brand. The new cartridge is printed normally.


Fax does not work for auto-reception. When the starting cartridge is finished, there are problems with refueling, not everyone is taken to fill it. Refilled, there were artifacts in the form of stripes and spots, refilled – again artifacts were given again on the complaint refilled again-prints, for how long…

Best printers for a large office

LaserJet Pro 500 M521dn (A8P79A)

Print: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Speed: monochrome – 40 pages / min.
Cam: 600 x 600 dpi
Scanner: tablet, 1200 dpi
Tray capacity: 100 sheets

Reviews of LaserJet Pro 500 M521dn (A8P79A)


  • Overall, not bad. Works quickly at first. Two-way scanner. The tray holds a stack of sheets.
  • Keeps a lot of gas stations, spare parts(not all) in stock and not expensive, works well.
  • Convenient web interface, not buggy drivers. Workhorse.
  • Fast printing – Web interface for settings (especially pleased with the quick and clear setup of the network scanner).
  • Clear and correct installation on different operating systems.
  • Large cartridge resource (extended over 12 thousand pages).
  • Prints well, the functionality is excellent. A good model for printing, including double-sided.
  • High-performance Good price/quality/functionality ratio when using X-flow rate sane price per print.


  • It started to fail after half a year. Sometimes it doesn’t print, sometimes it doesn’t scan, sometimes the display goes off and doesn’t turn on. Some problems with memory, documents weighing less than a megabyte when sent to print shows as 100 megabytes, eventually prints one sheet with large delays.
  • After six months of active use, problems began with the automatic feeder loop, I stopped taking sheets from the top, I need to take them to the official SC, such spare parts are only there. Provided that the SC in 200km is unpleasant.
  • The scanner is a complete mess. I have a large fleet of such printers. In terms of printing, there are no complaints, but the automatic document feeder brings, on average, it works from 6 to 12 months, depending on the load. Repairs from officials cost at least 10 thousand rubles, having a fleet of 15 printers, overhead costs are not very sour. In the future, this model will not be purchased. It is very annoying to have a constant warning about the ADF not working properly, which cannot be disabled……
  • When scanning or copying pages more than 5 pieces through auto-feed, (through the top cover) swallows several sheets at the same time, you need to stand next to and have time to hold the sheets. what we are doing.
  • I have two such MFPs in the Park. Once changed the format and the entire automatic transmission unit (began to give strips when scanning/copying), to the credit of HP-their service engineer arrived and fixed the problem on the spot (in Moscow). Then the same printer’s hinges creaked in the lid – an engineer also arrived and changed the hinges. Now on the second one, the automatic feeder has stopped working. We scan a lot, copy even more – it seems that this is a weak detail for them, or we were unlucky. The warranty has already ended, the repair will be paid.
  • The screen could have been made larger, taking into account the presence of a scan in the mail.

Best printers for photo printing

i-Sensys MF3010 (CH5252B004AA)

Reviews of i-Sensys MF3010 (CH5252B004AA)


  • takes up little space
  • price
  • printing speed, it seems to be fast, it seems to be quiet the price is relatively low, the fact that the Canon can be refilled they say
  • appearance
  • passes through the window to reset
  • Inexpensive, compact, the ability to use non-original cartridges, prints quickly.
  • Excellent print quality and speed. Quiet. Miniature. Easy. Win8 on the site there are drivers.
  • Quick print good quality when copying the appearance, quality of manufacture, cartridge refillability
  • Compact. The convenient location of buttons. Reasonable price. Under Windows XP, it works as it should.


  • It is not possible to configure the scanner in MacOS. It just doesn’t install. And it seems that no one did it – it is impossible to find a normal description of the installation. The smartest answer is ” contact a specialist.” The support service offers nonsense: delete all previously installed copies of the driver, install a new driver and connect the device. This raises the question, do they imagine the process of removing drivers?
  • There are no drivers for Windows-7 in the package! you will have to mess around and download from the site.- photocopy with fields! I. e. the copy of A4 gets out incomplete cropped on fields! and the original must be placed exactly in the center of the scanning plane which is very inconvenient, it is better when pressed to the edges.
  • 1) after a few months, scanning documents turned into a test, neither reinstalling the drivers nor scanning with another program helps – even after replacing windows with 7 with pre-formatting the disk. The scanning mechanism itself passes from one edge to the other without any problems, but the program, when the percentages are reflected, shows a hang in an always arbitrary place. Sometimes, if you wait, there is a message about a violation of the connection between the MFP and the PC (connecting via a cord), but it prints at the same time without problems! Several dozen attempts on 1 document go away!
  • 2) Everyone has already accepted that the starting cartridge. Another reason for irritation. Why do I need this half-filled half-finished product with half the resource (700 pages with 5% print per page) for my own money? It would be better if the cost of this piece of plastic went to the purchase of the original cartridge at once, which is sold separately for at least a third of the cost of the entire MFP.
  • 3) Chipped cartridge – greed has no boundaries…
  • 4) the Copier works in any way, at first you wait until it scans (by the way, copies without problems so far, despite the use of the scanner), only then prints, everything seems to be true, but I previously had an MFP from Samsung, which made a copy of the second for 3-4, not 10!
  • 100-page tray. Scanner cover for one sheet. For example, do not put a diploma to make a scan, you will need to embroider. It does not do double-sided printing.
  • Muddy menus and the lack of 64 wood in the kit! and generally, drivers installation is such that the head will break…..
  • the paint runs out quickly, the cartridge is not of high quality, you often have to change the drum, it prints dimly, and makes noise.
  • Good only for Windows. However, the software on the included disk only works under Windows XP. Under Windows 7, you need to download it from the Internet, and separately for printing and separately for scanning.
  • Under Linux, it will (maybe) only work as a printer, and then only after complex manipulations and only if you are lucky (see the comment).
  • There is no option to print on two sides of the sheet, that is, it is clear that it does not turn the sheets itself, but moreover, there is not even an option for manual double-sided printing.

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