Today I want to talk to you on a very important and relevant topic for our time. Digital technologies are so firmly entrenched in our lives that even in everyday life we can not imagine ourselves without them.

And today, just as the house can not do without an iron, microwave or vacuum cleaner, it is difficult for us to imagine our lives without a printer. And I will tell you in this article, how to choose the right printer for home use, so that it will last qualitatively and for a long time.

Why do you need a printer at home?

This is the question that everyone who reads this article must be asking themselves now. After all, if you need to print any document, you can contact a special office, which today in large and small cities are very much. Such office equipment is necessary only to offices or offices where work with documentation. And, indeed, we can agree with this: it seems that the ordinary man in the street does not often need the services of printing.

But in fact, a person needs this service much more often than he thinks. So, we need a printer at home for printouts:

  • photos coloring pages, puzzles, word games and other educational materials for children
  • different recipes for Housewives
  • any useful information
  • electronic checks, tickets
  • working information if you work at home
  • documents that are needed at school, hospital, traffic police or at work

As you can see, the range of use of this type of office equipment at home is quite wide.

I think those who have not yet purchased such a technique, seriously thought about how to buy it.
But, in order not to make a mistake and choose a good device, think about what purposes you need it for, what format of documents you will print, how often you will print.

Is it worth spending money on a thing that will just take up space at home and collect dust?

Overview of types of printers for home use

The variety of different types of office equipment and equipment in stores can confuse the common man, who does not understand these issues. I think, it is not necessary to explain that managers in service centers are aimed, first of all, to push off goods, Yes that is more expensive.


And for home use you do not need expensive equipment, with some exceptions, of course. Here are examples of types of printers that are quite suitable for home use:

  1. Inkjet-suitable for printing small text documents and high quality photos;
  2. Laser-able to print text and image files;
  3. MFP is a multifunctional device designed for printing, copying and scanning, more often MFP is used in offices.
  4. The advantages of inkjet include its low cost and the highest print quality. Photos printed on it sometimes turn out better than professional ones.

The disadvantage of this model is that the ink in the cartridges is not enough for long, only 200 sheets. Inkjet cartridges are replaceable, and refilling them is expensive. In addition, the paint dries quickly in them, if you do not use the technique, so I want to advise you to print at least two sheets a week, so that the device does not stand idle.

This printer is black and white and color. There are a lot of advantages of this type of equipment. It has a high printing speed, the cartridge is filled not with paint, but with powder, which prevents it from drying out.

One filling is enough to print up to 2000 sheets of A4.
Refills the cartridge in specialized workshops, but if you adapt, it is quite possible to do it at home yourself.

And refueling from a specialist, and buying a jar of powder is inexpensive.

In addition, if there is a need to change the cartridge, its cost is acceptable. The only drawback of these printers is the high cost. But, since the maintenance of equipment is cheap, the technique justifies itself.


Here, of course, we will talk about the technique of a completely different level.

By the way, an interesting fact: when MFPs first appeared on sale, they were popularly called “combines”.

The main advantage of MFP in versatility, it is able to print, make copies and scan. MFP is most often used in offices because of the variety of functions and opportunities. The disadvantage of MFPs is the high cost. If you do not use its capabilities to the fullest, then you do not need it.

Choosing a printer for home

How to choose the right printing equipment for the house? What points should you pay attention to when choosing? First, of course, the cost of the device.

Remember that quality will never be cheap. It always does. Have you ever bought cheap shoes? How long did it last?” Cheap sneakers come unstuck after the first rain. So with the printer: it is better not to regret the money, but the device will serve you for many years without repair.
Buy equipment in specialized stores, where warranty service is provided. Pay attention to the manufacturer. The following brands, which are in the top 5 firms, have proved themselves positively in the market of office equipment:

  • Xerox
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • Samsung

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