If you decide to do a double-sided printing of a PDF file, your printer or multi-function device must have the appropriate function to easily solve this problem. Otherwise, you will have to use a method that allows you to produce double-sided pdf printing by entering even and odd pages. Below you can find detailed instructions for both methods.

Two-sided printing - how to print a pdf.

So, if you decide to make two-sided printing of a pdf file, first make sure that your device has support for duplex, i.e. two-sided printing. It is very simple to do this – read the instructions attached to the device, or enter the name of your printer in the search to get acquainted with its technical parameters and functionality. Also, note that the print settings are not controlled by the PDF viewer itself, but by the printer driver.

How to do a double-sided printing with a duplex printer

Duplex printer Canon.

If the printer has the appropriate function, first open the document that you want to print using Adobe Reader DC/Adobe Acrobat DC.

Then go to the Print dialog box and find the option to enable two-sided printing. If it is present, turn it on, and then select the edge to mirror.

However, in some situations, the duplex option may not appear in the Print dialog box. In this case, in order to access this parameter directly, you will need to open “Properties” in the “Print” window, then select the “Layout” tab and find the item with the appropriate name there.

Then click OK to confirm and start printing the document.

How to do a double-sided printing without a duplex printer

Non duplex printer Epson.

If the device does not have the function to support duplex printing, then resort to solving the problem by entering even and odd pages of the document.

For this purpose, open the print dialog box in the PDF viewer and select the desired device.

Next, open its properties and go to the “pages to print”section. There you will see a list consisting of several parameters.

Click on “Advanced settings”, then enter the even pages of the document and print them. Then turn the sheets over and carefully place them in the paper tray, then open the additional options window again.

Now you need to enter odd pages there and send the file to print again. As a result, you will get two-sided printing of a PDF document manually.

Options for setting up double-sided printing in Word

How do I set up two-sided printing if your printer can’t do it automatically? First, you should print the pages that should be on one side of the sheet, then turn them over, load them again in the feed tray and print the remaining ones:

  • Open File
  • Click Print
  • Parameters
  • Select Single-Sided printing
  • Click Print manually on both sides

Setting up duplex printing in Excel

Two-sided printing in Excel, unlike Word, can be more difficult to implement, since it is not always performed correctly even if there is an automatic duplex function. Especially, problems arise if you print not one sheet of the book Excel, but two separate ones.

In the first case, the content of the sheet automatically goes to the back of the page – just select the value “double-Sided printing” when printing.

In the second case, the printer often prints two sheets on different pages, even if you specified in the settings that you need to print on both sides of one. In order for a document to print the way you want it to, you just need to make the print settings separately for each sheet:

  1. In Excel, select the first sheet that you want to print by clicking the sheet tab.
  2. In the print options, click double-Sided printing
  3. In Excel, select the second sheet.
  4. In the print options, click “double-Sided printing”.
  5. Hold down the CTRL key and select both sheets and send them to print.

In General, it is quite simple to handle duplex printing of PDF files. Of course, to use for this purpose the manual method is very long and in this case, there is always a risk of making a mistake. For example, you might incorrectly place a stack of sheets in the reprint tray, causing the texts on both pages to be positioned upside-down relative to each other. Therefore, if you need duplex printing of sufficiently large documents, it is better to get a device that has the appropriate function.

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