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Popular t-shirt printing technologies

T-shirt printing - choose a technology.

Before moving on to a specific answer, let’s provide a General overview of existing techniques for applying images to t-shirts. This solution will help you understand the pros and cons of each method in General terms.

Digital printing

One of the latest technologies for transferring drawings to fabrics. It is performed using special printers.

Main advantage

  • High quality image transfer with detailed detail.
  • No restrictions on the choice of materials.
  • Image stability to the action of ultraviolet light.
  • Main disadvantage
  • Quite a high price.
  • Machine wash is not allowed.

In addition, digital printing is only suitable for working with single products. It is not possible to apply identical drawings to a large batch of t-shirts in bulk.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing on fabrics is a technology also known as direct screen printing. The process of drawing drawings on t-shirts is performed in two stages.

The paint penetrates directly into the fibers of the material.

Main plus

  • High-quality image transfer in any color with detailed details.
  • Maximum resistance to fading patterns.
  • Resistance to washing.
  • Affordable price.
  • The main disadvantages

The main drawback is the restriction on the choice of materials. Sublimation printing is applied only to synthetics. This shortcoming is easily compensated for by a wide selection of high-quality fabrics that reliably mimic natural fibers.

Sublimation printing is suitable for drawing drawings on individual products, as well as on large batches of t-shirts in several thousand pieces.


Method for applying patterns to t-shirts using a special grid. This option allows you to create images on t-shirts with different effects: fluorescent lines, gold, silver, three-dimensional ornaments and 3D inscriptions.

Main advantage

  • Ability to create original special effects.
  • Good image stability to external factors.

Main disadvantage

The silkscreen is used mainly for printing simple drawings. This technique does not allow:

  • Transfer photographic images.
  • Create complex patterns and images.
  • To convey all the nuances and facets of semitones.
  • Silkscreen should be used to create streaming t-shirts in typical mass production.


This technology involves the use of a special color film. It is cut into separate elements, from which a single image is assembled. Then the drawing is “glued” to the t-shirt with a thermal press. This technique is mainly used for applying small logos or labels.

The main advantage of this technique is considered to be a wide range of films of different textures and colors. However, the image is unstable to external influences. Just a few washes can cause parts of the image to peel off. Activewear causes cracks and abrasions.

Why sublimation is better than other technologies?

Returning to the question of the advantages of sublimation over other techniques, we will conduct a simple comparative analysis.

Sublimation and digital printing

Digital and sublimation printing allows you to apply bright, high-quality images of different colors. But drawings on t-shirts made by sublimation are more resistant to external factors. The products themselves are cheaper and offer the possibility of processing large batches.

Sublimation and silk screen printing

Silkscreen printing and sublimation allow you to process products in large quantities. But only sublimation will help you create exclusive designer t-shirts. It is able to transfer any images and images of photographic quality to the fabric, transmitting the smallest details: halftones, color gradients, shadows.

Sublimation and thermo-application

Comparing these techniques, you can identify several advantages in favor of the first: the quality of transferring drawings, their increased wear resistance, the ability to process large batches of t-shirts at a low price.

Designing t-shirts with sublimation images

So, let’s see. Sublimation printing of images on t-shirts has additional advantages over any other technology. It allows you to easily create design products with bright, original pictures. At the same time, such clothes are practical to wear and care for.

When ordering sublimation on a t-shirt, you can give a photo, draw and bring us your own drawing or choose a stylish image developed by our experts.

Sublimation printing makes it possible to implement the most incredible ideas. Come to our office. You will be able to personally assess the brightness, clarity, and smoothness of sublimation drawings on t-shirts.

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