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We offer to bring a little drive and warmth to the autumn cold that overtook us. Will help us in this the study of themes fashionable skirts autumn-winter season 2019-2020. Fortunately, as shown by the shows of the latest designer collections, now you can choose models of different styles and in a wide color palette. Well, to replenish the wardrobe with an unusual skirt with a flawless cut and stylish print will help, as always, sublimation on the fabric.))

New trends in autumn wardrobe – stylish skirts with sublimation

Returning to the question of fashion autumn-winter season 2019-2020. This year it has a wealth of offers. Here and nostalgia of the 60s, and minimalism of the 90s, and modern casual, and unforgettable classics. If you choose from the most popular options, you can select, perhaps, 5 main trends.

Pencil skirt

Traditional version of business style. However, the pencil skirt is not as simple as it may seem. This narrowed model, favorably emphasizing the beauty of the legs and hips, gives the appearance of elegance and seduction at the same time. It is no coincidence that it has been at the peak of fashion for decades.

As for the choice of color, in this case, more appropriate neutral, basic colors: black, beige, Bordeaux, white. If you want something more extraordinary, you can choose a pencil skirt with a pattern in the form of cells.

Pleated skirt

One of the most noticeable trends of the current year. Pleats give the appearance of its owner freshness, dynamism and ease. At the same time, it is quite a versatile style.

Pleated models of dark tones can serve as an element of business style. Skirts with bright sublimation on the fabric are perfect for casual style. They go well with t-shirts, jackets or cardigans.

Mini skirts

Still confidently hold the leading fashion positions. In the autumn-winter version, they go well with sweatshirts, jumpers, high stockings and slip-ons with high soles. This combination is characterized by originality, brightness and courage.


The standard of romance and tenderness. Fluttering when walking, it gives airiness and femininity to the appearance of its owner.

The advantage of such models is that they are suitable for any figure. They can be safely worn by girls with a thin figure,and with curvaceous. The sun skirt allows you to choose any length and any prints.

A-line skirt

Another representative of the classic style. Diverging to the bottom, it helps to visually narrow the waist and slightly expand the hips. It is her ability to model the figure not least explains the popularity of the cut.

This season, designers have offered a classic “trapeze” in a variety of variations: with multi-tiered tailoring, unusual patterns, printed decor.

Fashionable colors of skirts with sublimation

As for the choice of color. Black, white, gray and beige tones are the leaders among monochrome models. The leading “bright” positions are occupied by red, yellow, orange and mustard. Fashionistas who prefer models with prints should look at the cage, animalistic patterns and camouflage colors.

The choice of material for autumn skirts with sublimation

Provide comfort, warmth, and most importantly, the health of fashionistas will allow the right choice of material. Stylish ladies to protect from frost and winds help the wool and of the wool, woolen cloth, tweed, several types of knitted fabrics.

For sewing skirts with sublimation, you need to choose their analogues with the addition of synthetics. Not inferior in quality to natural fabrics, they are ideal for sewing non-standard products.

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