Supernatural decal

Awesome story about two brothers struggling with monsters and saving the world gathered a lot of fans together. Unique characters with interesting destinies and compicated relations now can be always near on thanks to the awesome supernatural stickers.

How did supernatural story began

The main characters of the series “Supernatural”
Sam and Dean in their beloved car Impala. Brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Many years ago, their mother died at the hands of a terrible demon who committed a crime right in the nursery. Then the boys’ father swore that he would find the monster and avenge his beloved.

Many years pass, and the Winchester brothers have chosen completely different paths in life.

Dean continues the case of his father, who is missing. He preys on evil spirits, using the records of the parent.

Sam decides to get away from the threat of the fishery. He finds his favorite girl, devoting all his time to study.

One day, the brothers still have to unite, because they get a clue that will allow them to find their father and get on the trail of the demon who killed their mother. So begin the long adventures of the main characters. Together they will travel all over America in search of supernatural phenomena. On the way they will come across witches, demons, ghosts, even meet the devil himself.

Dean and Vinchester's best frien - angel Castiel.

Help to Sam and Dean will be supported by numerous friends of their father, as well as an angel named Castiel. Gradually, all the evil creatures in the country learn about the existence of the Winchester brothers. However, their attempts to eliminate the powerful hunters will be useless. Then the threat will hang over the loved ones of the main characters.

Vinchesters and friends.

Struggling with demons and other terrible creatures, Dean and Sam are increasingly aware that their lives are completely subordinate to the work. All attempts to build a family turn into a tragedy, and so the heroes have to jump back into a retro car, going to meet the adventure.

Supernatural car decals

Chevy Impala from Supernatural. The Chevrolet Impala – Deans one Love. This car rolled off the Assembly line at the General Motors plant in Jensville on April 24, 1967. According to the story Dean’s and Sammy’s father John Winchester bought a car for $2204 in 1973, on the advice of Castiel and Dean, who had been moved back in time. Since then, the Impala has served its master faithfully for many years.

Supernatural car decals will make you closer to the story even while you are druvung for shopping or hanging out with friends.

Supernatural Impala story

As a child, when Sam was playing in the car, he put the soldier in the ashtray, and the soldier is still there. And Dean shoved Lego parts into the vent, and they’re still there, and when the air is warm, you can hear Them rattling. Even when Dean restored the car after the accident, he left everything as it was, because these shortcomings gave it a special charm. They made the car really their own for them.

Spernatural car accessories for real fans

Supernatural car decal will help you to stand out from the gray mass of transport. Unique labels will be associated only with you and yours car, as Dean is accosiated with Impala

Supernatural car stickers – how to stick?

Before choosing the supernatural decals try to imagine how will they look like on yours car. Then think about colour combinations which will be the best for you. After start searching for amazing car labels with favourite heroes.

Now that you have already purchased the stickers, you need to stick them to the car. Before that, the surface should be well washed and dried, degreased (you can use any solution of alcohol), again wipe with a dry cloth. The surface is ready to be glued. Separate the vinyl from the paper, apply one edge to the surface and gradually press out the air. Do not rush, so as not to form air bubbles under the sticker.

All the stories end, but they live in the fans hearts

Soon the last Vinchester’s battle will end. But i’m sure that the community will never forget the universe of Supernatural and two heroic brothers. Chevy Impala will always stay in our hearts. Dean Vinchester and Chevy Impala.

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